Customer Satisfaction Site Updates

We’ve been working on fixing the site after some domain structural issues, so we appreciate your patience. Some of our old posts we have pulled from the backup archive and re-posted over the last few weeks (August and September 2017), although they were published between 2013 and 2016.

Since we hear from some of you that you are searching for a good survey solution, we are about to start reviewing some of the more popular tools and reporting on what we experience. We are looking to become resellers (or affiliates) of useful software services that can help business owners, educators, and others get closer to their customers, students, or community.

  • QuickTap Survey is one that has caught our attention recently. I like their mobile device options so you can survey out in the field, any field.
  • Survey Monkey, of course, comes to mind as a popular and solid satisfaction survey tool.

Stay tuned.